Life Stage Transition

Life Stage transitions usually bring new experiences to your life. While some people may enjoy it, others may find it challenging (particularly those with disabilities).

In Homecare and Support Services, our Life Stage Transition support and assistance can help those who are experiencing difficulties during this phase of their lives. Support coordination plays an important role in our life stage and transition assistance. It involves enhancing our participants’ abilities to coordinate support and participate in the community.

The short- and long-term support we offer focuses on helping you live at home, participate in the community, and coordinate your own support.

Our Life Stage Transitional Support Include:

  • Connecting to all the support and services you need to accomplish your daily tasks
  •  Full Support in coordination
  •  Monitoring of physical and mental health
  •   Peer support
  •   Assistance with finding and obtaining housing
  •   Growing as an individual
  •   Assist with decision making and planning