Our Approach

At Homecare and Support Services we will take on some element parts of the Reablement Approach now this approach is NOT suited to all participants now you might be thinking what the hell is that? Here it is

It avoids ‘doing for’ when a ‘doing with’ approach can assist individuals to undertake a task or activity themselves, or with less assistance, and to increase satisfaction with any gains made.

Reablement aims to maximise users’ long-term independence, choice, and quality of life.

In practice, reablement can mean different things for different people – it all depends on a person’s individual situation.  For example, it might mean a service works with a client to:
•        practise daily activities like cooking and bathing to help the person regain skills and get their confidence back;
•        find new ways to do some things so that they feel safer and more confident;
•        look at what else might help (for example, support to go out, personal alarms, home adaptations or other equipment, such as bath rails); and
•        involve their relatives and/or carers in helping the person to live more independently – and discuss any support they might need.

Getting to know you

Getting to know you is important to us. In our first meeting with you, we will take the time to learn your interests and how you like to keep your household in order. We will work together to identify any specific goals or needs you may have. It is our mission to find you a team member who is trustworthy, who you can trust and who you feel comfortable working with.

The Disability Support Workers are available on an as needed basis, several times a week or occasionally, depending on your individual needs. The service we provide is customized to your needs.