Social Supports

Keeping you connected

At Homecare and Support Services, we consider socialization as a vital part of your routine.  Homecare and Support Services can support you if you are interested in local activities such as concerts or shows, as well as your volunteer activities. Besides providing you with transport and accessibility, our social development programme assists you with developing skills.

It is important for us that we help you maintain your participation in social and sporting activities so that we can get you to them as well as give you the support you need. Our organization recognizes your community volunteer contribution as part of your full-time or part-time role in the community and supports and embraces cultural diversity.

We are committed to supporting your connection in our technology assisted programme. In addition to helping, you stay connected, our Homecare and Support Services team is always available to help you find new ways to get involved in the community. We help you achieve your passions by working together.